August 30th - 9am-12noon – Packet Stuffing in Gym – Lots of volunteers needed!! Kids are welcome to come.


September (Newsletter Reminders: Cici’s, VA Diner, Hat Day, Boxtops/Kroger/Amazon/SunnyD)


Sept 1st - Orientation Day (K - 10am, 1&2 - 12:30; 3rd-5th : 2pm)

Sept 2nd – Teacher PTA Luncheon (Cici’s pizza, salad and brownies)

Sept 13 – Cici’s Night

Sept 15th – 5:30pm – PTA Board Meeting

Sept 12-26th Virginia Diner Fundraiser

Sept 30 – Hat Day


October (Newsletter Reminders: Field Day, Cicis, Grandparents Day, Chipotle, WatchDogs, Hat Day, Boxtops)


Week of October 3rd – Teacher Appreciation Gift:________________________

October 3rd – After school enrichment starts

October 6th – PTA Board Meeting @ 5:30pm - Family Field Day and Food Truck Rodeo 6:15pm

Oct 11 – Cicis Night

October 13-14th - Grandparents Day Breakfast 8am-9am

October 17th – Picture Day (Make up November 30th)

October 18th Chipotle Night 4-8pm

October 20th - Watch DOGS sign up night 6pm (Cici’s pizza)

October 28 – Hat Day



November (Newsletter reminders: Cicis, Book Fair, Hat Day, Schwans, Boxtops)

Week of November 14th – Teacher Appreciation Gift: __________________________

November 7th – Schwan’s Cares Fundraiser

November 8 – Cici’s Night

November 10th - PTA Board Meeting 5:30pm/Math&Reading Night/Book Fair 6:15pm

November 22 – Hat Day


December (Newsletter reminders: Schwans, Cicis, Hat Day, Ask for Parents to be in Career Night, Boxtops)

December 1-15th: All I Want for Winter Break is Homework for My Teacher fundraiser

Week of December 12th – Teacher Appreciation Gift _____________________________

December 13 – Cici’s Night

December 15th – PTA Board Meeting 5:30pm & 5th grade performance 6:15pm

December 16th – Hat Day


January (Newsletter Reminders: Cicis, Hat Day, Talent Show, Ask for Parents to be in Career Night, Boxtops)

January 10th – Cici’s Night

January 13th – Hat Day

January 19th PTA Board Meeting @5:30pm & Talent Show 6:15pm


February (Newsletter Reminders: Career Night, Fun Run, Cicis, Hat Day, Boxtops)

Week of February 6th: Teacher Appreciation Gift: ______________________________

February 9th – PTA Board Meeting 5:30pm & Career Night 6:15pm

APEX Fun Run February 6th-17th

February 14th – Cici’s

February 17th – Hat Day


March (Newsletter Reminders: Papa Johns, 5K, Minute to Win It, Hat Day, Boxtops)

Week of March 20th: Teacher Appreciation Gift: _______________________________

Night March 14th Papa Johns

March 16th – Picture Day

March 9th - PTA Board Meeting 5:30pm & Minute to Win It Family Night 6:15pm

March 31 – Hat Day


April (Newsletter Reminders: 5K, Hat Day, Boxtops)

Week of April 24th – Thank you Luncheon for Teacher 5K Participants

April 7th – Field Day

April 20th - K registration

April 19th - PTA Board Meeting 5:30pm & race packet stuffing (4-530pm)

April 20th - Packet pick up 4pm-7pm

April 21 – Hat Day & School Spirit Day

April 22 - 5K Race


May (Newsletter Reminders: Teacher Appreciation, Cici’s, Hat Day, Online Book Fair, Boxtops)

May 1-5th - Teacher Appreciation Week (THEME: BEACH “FEET IN THE SAND”)

Monday – Your Classroom Teacher

Tuesday – Office, Guidance, Clinic

Wednesday – Resource Teachers

Thursday – Custodial, Cafeteria, Bus Drivers

Friday – Classroom Assistants


May 4th -   PTA Board Meeting 5:30pm (the same night of the Kindergarten performance)

May 8th-21st – Online Book Fair

May 9th – Cici’s Night

May 18th – 2nd grade performance night (ELECTIONS)



June 9th – Hat Day